I noticed that you have on your site this “Countries reached with the Gospel through the efforts of this Ministry” and amongst them you have: France, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon,  and Ivory Coast, which are all countries where French is spoken. Up until 2006, there was no French Bible really based on the Majority Text and the Massoretic Text.  
Following are details about how this translation came about.
I was born and raised in France (catholic). My husband (American) and  I became believers in 1964 in Colorado. It is only in the late 70’s that we found out  about the superiority of the King James Bible through a great Bible teacher. Because of family reasons, after my husband retired, we decided to move back to France, soon after our arrival, we found out that “hell” was not in the French bibles! That prompted me to check the 5  French bibles that I had at the time. To make a long story short: After getting the first 1996 Ostervald bible available (printed by Bearing Precious Seed) I started  checking it, since it was promoted as being the KJ in French. I soon found out that it  was not. By that time, I had started to translate the KJ into French for my own  personal study...
 After meeting Sister Gail Riplinger at the KJ Conference in 1998 and talking to her  about what I was doing she encouraged me at continuing this translation. In October  2006 I completed the translation of the whole KJ into French. Sister Gail put me in  contact with Dr John Hinton who is reviewing this translation and helping me with the  corrections that need to be done. I have a site called
. It  is totally devoted to the King James (in French). On it, one can find the whole King  James in French as well as different articles about the translation. Many of the articles are  translation of articles written by Sister Gail, by Dr Jack Moorman, Bro. Sam Gipp, Bro. David W. Daniels, Bro. Will Kinney and Dr John Hinton.
 I have received many emails from pastors from Haiti, and Africa, and of course from  varied people from the French speaking countries of Europe and from Canada, and even  from the USA. It is very interesting to hear from people who have either heard about  the KJ or have a KJ Bible. They all are thankful to have it translated into French.  They all ask if it is available in a printed form. In order to have it printed it has to be proofread first. The last 3 books of the NT (Luke, 2 Corinthians) are being  proofread. Genesis, Song of Solomon, Exodus ares done and 3 other books of the OT are in the process of being proofread.

Please let  your missionaries in French speaking countries know about this site. They may be helped by the translation and by the articles. The translation is already done  for them. There is no way that a Baptist preacher can preach the Baptist doctrine with  the regular French Bibles that are on the market, not even the Martin nor the Ostervald  are KJ or TR, far from it.
In our Saviour’s precious  Name,
Nadine Stratford

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