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HE HOLY SPIRIT is the Administrator of the divine economy:

 - We deal with Him, else we are out of touch with Heaven.
- We yield to His gracious promptings, or we submerge ourselves in the futility of self-will.
- We receive of His strength, or we remain impotent.

Our eyes will be unopened; our minds unenlightened; our hearts unaffected; our feet not led.

The Holy Spirit is not only the Administrator of the divine economy, He is also the Author of divine Revelation.

- He employed human instrumentality, but the Bible is His production.
- Holy men of old were borne along by His power and direction (II Peter 1:21).
- He wove the element of life into its lines as the wool is woven into the fabric (I Peter 1:23).
- He infused into its texture the manna of Heaven to nourish the life it produces (Job 23:12; II Peter 1:3).
- He electrified its content with hallowed illumination capable of dissipating the densest darkness along our wilderness pathway (Psalm 119:105).
- He incorporated a power within its message to bulwark the believer against the militating forces of evil.
- He built into its structure a potent provision capable of dismantling the strongholds of Satan.

The Holy Spirit is the Lord of the harvest. He controls the workers in the field, which is the world, by empowering, directing and prospering.

- Where there is a lack of acquaintanceship with Him, there will be proportionately a lack of service for Him.
- Where there is a lack of service, there will be a lack of reward.

Meanwhile, the work which He designed will be unaccomplished. Then declension ensues—spiritual darkness sets in; saints weaken; the church limps and lags; and the unconverted plunge unchecked toward disillusionment and doom.

The Holy Spirit has power to regenerate, providing a new nature;

- To sanctify, producing a new character;
- To energize, promoting a new fruitfulness;
- To illuminate, presenting a new vision.

Yet, to the multitudes, this member of the Godhead is no more than a fantasy or a mere influence. We tremble at the consequences of inattention, indeed willful rejection, exhibited so prevailingly with regard to His presence and purpose. This can only invite sorrow, defeat and eternal loss.

The considerations of the Spirit's ministry in this volume, although not exhaustive, cover a wide area of important, practical truth.

May His tender entreaties and gracious promptings find in each of us a perceptible yieldedness, indeed a full surrender to His control!

- S. F. L.

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