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THIS BOOK would never have been possible aside from the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Having come into the error of the Watchtower Society in 1946, it wasn’t until 1957 that deliverance came; it really began back in 1953.

It was then that I was invited to present Watchtower beliefs against that of the Gospel of Christ. A series of meetings were held, totaling many hours of discussion. One Biblical fact was impressed upon my mind: THE BIBLE SEEMED TO TEACH THAT JESUS CHRIST IS GOD! Naturally, my entire being rebelled against the thought. But I believed it had to be proved or disproved one way or the other.

A searching of Scripture for over three years began. This involved the Greek text of the New Testament. The evidence was overwhelming! Every text bearing upon the subject stated that Jesus Christ is Almighty God! Not only that, but it seemed to me that what He accomplished upon Calvary somehow atoned for our sins.

Now began a searching of conscience. The Watchtower Society refused to answer eight questions submitted to them regarding The New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures. I was convinced after receiving no answer that their translation is a fraud. I could see the conflict between the Watchtower and the Bible. I had to choose one and reject the other. Which would it be?

God helped me decide. One night I was caused to behold a mental scene so vivid it was almost real. I gazed up at the sky and could picture Calvary. The whole sky seemed to hold the Cross. Christ hung on that Cross for me! In the horror and awe of the moment I knew it was true—He had died for me! So personal was His love that if I were the only sinner ever born on this earth, He would have left the mansions of glory, come to this sin-cursed earth, to atone tor my sins. So then I knew that He was my personal Saviour.

It was His person given for my person—substitutionary atonement. From that moment of belief, I count my new life in Christ.

One of the men who had dealt with me in 1953 then wrote me. In my answer I told what had happened to me. Then he wanted to know what I thought of Christ. Was He man, angel or God? I was not sure about anything else, but this one thing I knew: Jesus was God and He had died for me. God had saved this sinner’s soul.

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