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Winifred Margaret Wight

Devoted wife, whose inspiration

and encouragement have been a

constant help in the task of writing,

this volume is affectionately dedicated.




“THROUGH THE YEARS the best answer to many liberal views of the Bible has been the discoveries of the excavators in Bible lands. This book is designed to be a textbook for students of Bible archaeology, and is, therefore, fully documented with numerous reference notes. It is hoped that ministers, Sunday school teachers, Christian workers, and Christians in general will find it to be a practical source book of helpful material to explain Scripture and to defend it against destructive critics.


We do not attempt to report on every archaeological expedition in Bible lands, or to tell about all the finds that have bearing on the Bible. To do so would be to produce a volume too large to be practical. But a sincere effort has been made to write about those discoveries which are of most value to the Bible-believing student.


We send this book forth with a prayer that it may serve to ground young people and adults in the Word of God that liveth and abideth forever.




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