Jewish Mission Correspondence Course
A Manual of Study for Christians Who Love the Jews




Daniel Fuchs


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Harry A. Ironside, Litt.D., D.D.
Pastor, Moody Memorial Church
Chicago, Illinois




The author desires to express his grateful appreciation to Dr. Joseph Hoffman Cohn, General Secretary of the American Board of Missions to the Jews, for his invaluable advice, criticism and assistance in the preparation of this work. This help was given in spite of the fact that Dr. Cohn was already fulfilling tasks far too great for one man to handle. Were it not for the fact that the author was able to avail himself of Dr. Cohn’s counsel and experience, the present work would have been impossible.

Daniel Fuchs




With the publication of this “Correspondence Course on Jewish Missions” a dream of years has been realized. Over and over again pleading letters have come to us: “Will you not please provide a correspondence course to teach us how to reach the Jews in our own small town?”

And so now the course has finally been brought into existence, and we submit it in the earnest hope that the Lord will use it to the enlightenment and blessing of His people in these end times—as they seek to engage in a ministry of testimony and service to a world Jewry sorely harassed in the midst of such tidal waves of horror and hate and bloodshed as these poor people have never known before.

The course has been arranged in lesson form, and has been designed to give the average worker a quick and comprehensive grasp of the major problems involved in reaching the Jews with the Gospel. While this is not in the strict sense a correspondence course, because there are no examination papers for marking, yet the lessons are arranged in such a way that they do have examination provisions; the student, however, will examine himself, and so keep testing his progress as he goes along; at the end of each chapter is a set of questions for self-testing; hence, pastors and Christian leaders may find it helpful to give these lessons in regular class work, and then submit the question examination at the close of each lesson.

Again, this book is laid down at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ with the humble and earnest desire that He may see fit to use these pages to His honor and glory.

Joseph Hoffman Cohn

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