Frances Vander Velde
Author of She Shall Be Called Woman

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In our age of population concentration and social complication, the home has become subject to numerous impositions. For a Christian homemaker it is a generation of trial and dismay. Mothers are no longer called upon to maintain their household in the midst of a cooperative and compatible ethnic group, but must plan for the nurture and development of their children and answer a legion of questions regarding the involvement of themselves and their children in a secularized and changing society.

To solve these questions, the Christian mother turns to the Scripture for principles and a guiding ethic.

Due to the complexity of the subject matter and the difficulty of the assignment, it was with a deep sense of mission that the writer presented these outlines for the Ladies' Bible Study groups through the land by means of a religious monthly, The Illinois Observer.

We prevailed upon the author to be frank, realistic and positive in setting forth both outlines and questions. The reader will soon discover that the objectives have been attained. One cannot read far before the pertinency of the subject matter and the clarity and skill with which it is presented will result in a personal involvement with the problems of the homemaker and parent. This volume will make a valuable contribution to any library of Christian literature and will especially serve women who meet together to study God's Word.

— Arthur H. Dekruyter
Editor, The Illinois Observer

Western Springs, Illinois

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