Evangelistic Sermons

(Doctrinal Series)


William Edward Biederwolf

copyright @ 1952


Grand Rapids Michigan

edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer

~ out-of-print and in the public domain ~

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Frank N. Palmer, D. D.

through whose sterling Christian influence, and in response to whose solicitous personal effort the Author was led to give his life to JESUS CHRIST, this book is


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with profound recognition of the great truth that when men do anything for GOD they never know where it will end, for in a soul-winning ministry of now more than thirty years, in which many thousands have found the new significance of life in CHRIST, the influence of this man and friend, to whom this volume is dedicated, has never ceased to operate, and that a goodly share of the credit and honor belongs to him this Inscription is made to gladly and gratefully acknowledge.

The sermons in this volume have taken their style very largely from the tabernacle platform. We have thought best to allow them to appear in their spoken form and without embellishment, as they have been delivered in the midst of the Author's evangelistic labors to evening audiences composed of all classes of people. It is both because of the petition of many who have heard the sermons and of a hope in this way to extend the influence of the messages which GOD has been pleased to bless in the saving of many precious souls that they are thus committed to print.

- W. E. B.

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