A Handbook to Aid Christians in their Approach to the Jews



Jacob Gartenhaus,, Lrrr. D.


Copyright @ 1963


Zondervan Publishing House  Grand Rapids

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whose love for and devotion to Christ
have been an inspiration and encouragement
to the author



Without hesitancy I say that Winning Jews to Christ by Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus is a storehouse of information concerning the Jewish people, their history as a peculiar people, the Jewish religion and their prayer life, the Jewish feasts and Jewish fasts, the Jewish laws and customs, the Jewish literature — and many other pertinent truths about this unique people. These truths which so few know and which all peoples should learn are set forth with a meticulous accuracy that gets and holds the attention of the reader — whether the reader be friend or foe of the Jews, whether he be one of average education or a scholar.

Reading this book one is made to think of a diver who goes repeatedly down into pearl beds and comes up with pearls filling both hands.

With attractive, yea, with entrancing language, Dr. Gartenhaus has made known to us truths about the Jewish people of which many have been ignorant. This book will bring informative blessing, refreshing inspiration, and an acknowledgment of our indebtedness to the Jewish people through whom came our Messiah and the Bible. The readers will find in it a gold mine of helpful suggestions on how to present to the Jew the “Good News” tactfully and efficiently, and how to refute his various objections, doctrinal and historical. This book ought to be in the library of all preachers in all pulpits and synagogues, of all teachers in all seminaries, and all colleges.

To fail or to refuse to read it is to rob one of that which enriches. I predict for this book a wide sale, a wide reading, and great usefulness.

Robert G. Lee,
Pastor Emeritus Bellevue Baptist Church

Memphis, Tennessee



In my opinion, this volume for which I have the privilege of writing an introductory word is unique in the field of Jewish evangelism, actually, in the literature of the whole field of evangelism.

Beginning with the great upsurge of missionary activity among Jewish people both in Western Europe and in Great Britain, especially in London, at the middle of the nineteenth century, a very important literature has been produced, more extensive than at any other period of church history.

Some of these titles have for their main purpose the urging of evangelical Christians to undertake seriously the difficult task of evangelizing the Jews. Other volumes have been written either attempting to write the history of Jewish evangelization, or the history of certain societies engaged in this work, as the British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Among the Jews, the oldest Jewish Mission Society in the world, with which organization Dr. Gartenhaus is closely affiliated.

The purpose of others is to present biographical sketches of some of the outstanding Hebrew Christians of modern times, a very important and interesting subject. Personally, however, I do not know of any volume in the English language which in a really thoroughgoing manner attempts to give to Christians burdened for the cause of Jewish evangelization a knowledge of the customs, the outlook, the literature, convictions and hopes of the modern Jew as our author has, in a masterly way, done in this volume.

Moreover, he acquaints us with the Jewish conceptions and attitudes toward non-Jews, especially toward Christianity and its author, Jesus. He further gives us most valuable suggestions as to how to approach the various types of Jews, how to gain entrance into their highly sensitive, suspicious and apprehensive hearts and minds, how to gain their confidence and arouse their interest in the claims of Christ to be the Messiah.

Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus has the five basic qualities necessary for the writing of any work like this with firsthand knowledge and as it were with authority.

First of all, he was born and continues to be, of course, a Jew, who by upbringing, education, and association has an intimate acquaintance with the ancient as well as the Modern customs of Jews, knows the literature, can read the language, and can enter sympathetically into the opinions, practices, hopes and longings of this ancient people. He knows what a Jew will find appealing in the Christian Gospel, and he also knows what to avoid that would antagonize him.

In the second place, our author is a devout Christian. He has a living experience with the Messiah of Israel, who is the fulfillment of the prophecies, the author of eternal salvation, son of David and son of God, the only Saviour of men.

In the third place, and this is not true I think of all the redeemed, not even of all the redeemed of Israel, our author has a great love for his people, and a Pauline longing to see many of this chosen but bewildered race saved through Christ.

In addition to these factors of such great importance, he, as is clearly revealed in these pages, has a gift for research, for the organization of material, a gift for teaching with clearness the subjects he here undertakes to discuss which are in many cases difficult and often so misunderstood.

Finally, Doctor Gartenhaus has in this volume as it were given us the mature results of years of unceasing devotion to the very type of work to which he hopes a great multitude of earnest believers will be drawn. This is not the product of the dreams of a commendably eager but young and untried evangelist among the Jews, but of one who by the grace of God has been abundantly used through the years in leading many of his own people to receive Jesus as their Messiah, and to come into an experience of full salvation through Christ.

Dr. Gartenhaus is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. His rich experience in his world-wide ministry, his indefatigable and selfless activities in the Master’s vineyard, have earned for him the love and esteem of all who have come to know him. In recognition of his unique contribution and achievements, Georgetown College, Georgetown, Kentucky, conferred upon Dr. Gartenhaus the degree of Doctor of Divinity, and Union University, Jackson, Tennessee, the degree of Doctor of Literature. And I am sure that the greatest of all degrees is yet in store for him, that is, the words of our Saviour, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” which the Master bestows on those who do His work well.

I may add here that Dr. Gartenhaus is a prolific writer of books, tracts and articles which have had a wide circulation and many editions. His style is clear, concise and to the point so that it may be understood by all.


I hope and pray that this book will arouse the hearts of many Christians to seriously consider the tremendous importance of lovingly and intelligently presenting the Gospel to these children of Abraham, the brethren of our Lord.

Wilbur M. Smith

Fuller Theological Seminary

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