D. H. Dolman, M. A., D. D.

With an Introduction by Wilbur M. Smith

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WE ARE living in an age when the historical, archaeological, philological study of the Holy Scriptures is being carried on with the greatest eagerness, and with better equipment and more abundant material than at any previous period in the history of the Church. It is producing a vast and important literature, and surely all who love the Word of God must welcome the fruits of such investigation, and be grateful for a more comprehensive knowledge of the historical background of Biblical events and a more accurate understanding of the languages in which our Testaments were written.

Yet there is a great danger that in the constant search for the grammatical and historical meaning of the records of the Holy Scriptures the deeper, more spiritual truths of these passages will be ignored, or at least be given a place of undeserved subordination. That this is a real danger today is shown by the fact, which none can dispute, that the literature now appearing relating to historical and archaeological matters relating to the Word of God is vast, important, the result of years of careful study on the part of distinguished scholars, while, on the other hand, the literature which attempts, with equal soundness of learning, to bring out the great spiritual teachings of the Word of Truth is for the most part superficial, ephemeral, more or less sensational and does not commend itself to our new generation. One reason for this is that men who give themselves day and night to meditation upon the deeper, spiritual truths of the Word, are growing, it seems, increasingly rare.

This book, by my dear friend Dr. Dolman, is a welcome exception to the general trend of Biblical literature today — a devout study of the inner meaning of one of the greatest objects of divinely designed typical meaning in all Scriptures — the Tabernacle.

For one to be adequately equipped for discovering the precious treasures the Spirit of God has deposited for our enrichment in the extended portions of the Word devoted to this subject three qualifications are necessary:

1. One must give years of careful study and meditation to the subject itself;
2. One must ever desire to make Christ central in all his thinking; and
3. One must know a life of true holiness.

These three qualifications Dr. Dolman has, in a superlative way. I know of no one today whose own saintly life and love for the Word would quite qualify him for attempting such a work as this, as Dr. Dolman.

Beautiful buildings are necessary to be appreciated — but it is the bread on the table that feeds our souls. Historical study of the Scriptures serves many important purposes; but it is Christ in the Word who nourishes our souls. The entire Christian Church will be grateful to Dr. Dolman for setting before us so rich a feast of the precious, sanctifying, strengthening truths of this portion of the Bread of God.

Wilbur M. Smith



Thou art fairer among the children of men” (Psalm 45:3).

FOR MANY years it has been my privilege to teach Jewish young men the way of salvation. Naturally I began by showing them Christ in the Old Testament, how our heavenly Father began to teach His young children in object lessons and how their Messiah was foreshadowed in type and prophecy.

Modern Theology has no room for the study of types. I found that my Bible readings on the tabernacle, a type of Christ and His Church, were greatly blessed to many of God's children in different parts of the States.

The pleasant, quiet time I spent in the hospitable home of my friends, Dr. W. Newell and his kind sister, gave me a welcome opportunity to study once more the teaching of the tabernacle and to write my notes down in book form.

The above words came fresh in my mind in writing. They were often used by my beloved father, when he led his children to the throne of grace in family worship. If they find an echo in the hearts of the readers I shall be deeply thankful.

The Jewish form of worship is well worthy of the study of Christian theologians. It is not the object of this book. It contains only simple heart-to-heart talks to God's children about our precious Redeemer and how we can follow and serve Him best in our daily lives.

I am deeply grateful to my friend Dr. Wilbur M. Smith in giving me his valuable time in carefully perusing the manuscript and commending it in his introduction.

May Paul's prayer (Galatians 5:19) that Christ be formed in us be heard so that we may not be ashamed at His coming!

Dirk H. Dolman

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