"I am preaching for the age in which I live."

With his own words
Which have won
Thousands for Christ


William T. Ellis, LL.D.

author of "Men and Missions"

Authorized by Mr. Sunday

This work contains the heart of Mr. Sunday's gospel message arranged by subjects, and is published by special agreement with him for the use of copyright material which could be used only by his permission.

Copyright © 1914


L. T. Myers

edited for Our Final Authority by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage ministry of a century ago

~ out-of-print and in the public domain ~

This book was originally
published prior to 1924,
it is therefore in the public domain and free to be posted
in its entirety despite recent publication.

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My friend, Dr. William T. Ellis, the author of this book, knows me and my work well. His estimate of me, and his interpretation of my work, are, of course, entirely his own. The chapters contributed by me are substantially the message I have spoken wherever I have preached.

- Billy Sunday



Because he is the most conspicuous Christian leader in America today; because he has done an entirely unique and far-reaching work of evangelism; and because his words have a message for all men, I have written, at the request of the publishers, this narrative concerning Evangelist William A. Sunday, D.D.

The final appraisal of the man and his ministry cannot, of course, be made while he is alive. "Never judge unfinished work."

This book has endeavored to deal candidly, though sympathetically, with its subject. Mr. Sunday has not seen either the manuscript or proofs. He has, however, authorized the use of the messages which he is accustomed to deliver in his meetings, and which comprise more than half of the contents of the volume.

The author's hope is that those of us who are just plain "folks" will find the book interesting and helpful. He has no doubt that professional Christian workers will get many suggestions from the story of Mr. Sunday's methods.

I would acknowledge the assistance of Miss Helen Cramp and Ernest Bawden in collating and preparing for publication Mr. Sunday's utterances.

William T. Ellis

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