Unveiling the End-Time Events




John E. Dahlin

Introduction by William Culbertson


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To Hildur, my esteemed wife, who more than anyone
else encouraged me during the many years of study at various
institutions of learning, especially in the economically
lean years of our early ministry, and who in the last decade
has willingly remained at home so much in order that I might
be able to travel so far in my prophetic ministry, and for
whose loyalty and sacrifice I am indebted more than words
can express.


To the memory of my saintly parents, Albert and Hulda Dahlin
 who in the years of my childhood gave me both an
awareness and appreciation of the prophetic truth, and who
unfailingly continued their intercession for me in the Gospel
ministry. I owe to them a debt which heaven alone can repay.




IT GIVES ME deep joy to write this word of introduction for this book on prophecy. I have known John Dahlin, M. A., for almost a score of years. I have heard him preach many times. I have rejoiced in his friendship and fellowship throughout the years. He is a man of God. He loves the Book. He loves the Lord. Mrs. Dahlin and he are exemplary Christians.

This book adheres to what may be called the classical fundamentalist position on eschatology; it is premillennial. More than that, it is dispensational and pretribulational. But, best of all, based on so grand a foundation, it speaks solemnly, pointedly, powerfully both as to what should be believed and as to how men should live—men “upon whom the ends of the ages are come.” The final chapter is a gem: here are words to live by.

The author’s field is history. He makes good use of relevant historical material to give content as well as illustration to his subject.

These messages, the result of the preaching of a series of prophetic messages, are timely, informative, and import ant. There are areas in prophecy in which it is wise to be less than dogmatic, but not in the essentials or the purpose of prophecy. Mr. Dahlin speaks with authority and power. Even those who may differ in certain details will find a helpful summary here and a practical word from God for a day like this.

William Culbertson
President, Moody Bible Institute

Chicago, November, 1961



It is undoubtedly true that the printed page lures every man who aspires to project his sphere of usefulness beyond his neighborhood and his generation. I have hitherto resisted this impulse, knowing there are many good books on prophecy available. There is no desire of mine to publish “just another book” on the subject.

I am encouraged to do so, however, by the fact that wherever I have conducted prophetic conferences, I have been urged to make the messages available in a book. Since I have spoken in nearly every part of our country, to audiences large and small, I am encouraged to believe that these many requests represent a good cross-section of people from many denominational groups. Hence these messages are now being made available.

Encouragement has also come from other sources. The Secretary of Publications of my own denomination, Roy A. Thompson, has urged me to go ahead with the project. In addition, Northwestern College provided me with a year’s sabbatical for writing and research. Hence I felt it was of the Lord that I make these expositions available. Finally, my long experience in college and seminary teaching of History has given me the necessary historical background, which is all-important in the study of prophecy.

Readers will find in this book a greater degree of correlation of Bible predictions with current world developments than in most books. This feature, I believe, has made the messages more vivid to the large audiences which have listened to some of these messages. Inherent in the hearts of men is the desire to know the future. Fortunately God has been pleased to unveil His plan for the future in the prophetic portions of the Bible, and particularly those events which have to do with the end-time.

While this volume has been prepared to aid the layman to understand Bible prophecy more clearly, the author hopes these messages will be stimulating and challenging also to preachers and students who wish to weigh more thoroughly these important discussions pertaining to the chronological sequence of events of the latter days.

I pray that the Lord may be pleased to give the volume a wide circulation and that those who read it may be stimulated to more effective service for their Lord while they await the fulfillment of “that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.”

John E. Dahlin

Minneapolis 17, Minn.

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