Vernon C. Grounds

Dean, Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary Denver, Colorado

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With gratitude and affection I dedicate this book to all the members of the congregation of the Gospel Tabernacle who by their loyalty, intercession and co-operation contributed largely to whatever measure of blessing my ministry among them may have enjoyed.


Vernon C. Grounds



I wish to express my thanks to the publishers who have kindly permitted me to quote from copyrighted books: Harper & Brothers, for quotations from Anno Domini, by Kenneth Scott Latourette, and Man the Unknown, by Alexis Carrel. The Judson Press, for quotations from Bush Aglow, by Richard Ellsworth Day. The Macmillan Company, for quotations from The Modern Use of the Bible, by Harry Emerson Fosdick, and The Case for Christianity, by C. S. Lewis. Acknowledgment is also made for use of the article, Battle by the Bible, reprinted by special permission of John Hix, creator of the newspaper feature "Strange As It Seems."


“Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (I Peter 3:15).




It has been said that if an idea is repeated often enough, people will come to think that it is true. Certainly in recent years the idea has been reiterated over and over that Christianity is out of date and that men of education and learning no longer believe in the teachings of the Bible. Scoffers ridicule the statements of the Book which was the foundation of our American civilization, and many people assume that education and simple faith in the Scripture as God's Word do not go together.

In view of this situation, it is refreshing indeed to see the present volume of radio messages by Mr. Grounds. In clear and moving language he points out that the great truths of the Bible are just as true today as they ever were, and that no advance made by modern knowledge or modern research has done anything to shake them. As one reads his statements, one cannot but be amazed at the breadth of his reading. He has covered a wide section of contemporary opinion and draws on many sources to show the dependability of the Bible and its teachings.

Best of all, these sermons center around the divine Christ of Calvary, and place their emphasis upon His atonement as the answer to all human needs. The book deserves a wide reading.

It can be read and reread profitably. May God use it to turn men's eyes to His Word and to His Son! May it lead many to increased study of the Bible and to renewed meditation upon its statements, in order that God's Word may shed its beams into the inner recesses of their hearts and may exert more widely that influence that is so much needed today.

There is a tendency in much preaching to neglect the essentials of the Christian faith and to deal with all sorts of matters which are outside the proper sphere of the Christian preacher. In the emphasis which Mr. Grounds places upon the Word of God, the Deity of Christ, and His atonement, he sets an example which must be followed by ministers today if the Church is to regain the place of influence in American society which it formerly held. The book should fill a great present need. May it stimulate many others to preach along similar lines and to emulate its gifted author in searching the Scriptures and in examining the evidences that support the divine claims of the Bible!


Allan A. MaCrae, Ph.D.
President, Faith Theological Seminary

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