The autobiography
of Leopold Cohn,
Missionary among the 2,000,000 Jews
of Greater New York

Copyright © 1908


American Board of Missions to the Jews, Inc.


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published prior to 1924,
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I have written the following pages in response to the need, expressed by my friends, of a booklet that could be used in presenting to others, in concise and definite form, the importance of giving the Gospel to the Jews. The progress of this gospel work among the 400,000 Jews of Brooklyn, in which we have labored for over fourteen years, has been so remarkable, and its financial resources so feeble, that they have given themselves to the task of making as many new friends as possible for the work.

Now since the Lord has taken from me that great treasure, my dear wife, whose life was a bright shining light for Christ, the requests to write of the work, and of the way the Lord Jesus led us to Himself, have increased. Therefore, I decided, after a long and prayerful consideration, to devote my time and energy to the task of committing this narrative of God’s wonderful leadings to print, knowing that in no other way could I so fitly rear a monument to the memory of the dear one that has slipped away from us so early in life than to dedicate this booklet to her.

Her heart was so much in the work that I know her soul will be perfectly satisfied if this booklet shall be the means, under God, of stirring up Christian hearts to the work of evangelizing the Jews.


The reader will, I am sure, overlook the personal allusions; they cannot be avoided in a narrative of this kind.

Our beloved friend and pastor, Dr. Rhoades, was kind enough to write an introductory word which I know will be appreciated by the friends of the work.

That this booklet may find its way over land and sea, from mountain to plain, into the hearts of children of God; breaking down barriers of prejudice, enlightening where there is ignorance, winning over where there is indifference, stirring up where there is lethargy, pacifying where there is antagonism—for the spiritual welfare of poor, scattered Israel, and for the glory and honor of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Jews, is the earnest prayer of yours sincerely in His service,


Leopold Cohn

July, 1908
Brooklyn, N. Y.




Doubtless, many will be interested in this simple, straightforward narrative. A life story surpasses all others. And in this life story the changes are so many and so great; the experiences are so varied and so deep; the motive so high and true, that sympathy cannot be withheld.

But some will be interested from deeper reasons. The narrative is full of suggestions and questions. What is to be the result of the meeting of Jews and Christians in our land? The Jews are coming to America in the season of its richest fruitage. Our principles of individual freedom and opportunity; our splendid public schools; our great commercial possibilities are set forth as a feast prepared for hungry men.

The Jew cannot continue, in such an atmosphere, to be what he has been. It will doubtless be a slow process. But we believe that Christ, in this free land, in these free schools, in this free life, is coming again to His own “to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh, Christ came, who is over all, God blessed forever.”


It has been my great privilege to be acquainted with Mrs. Cohn for more than twelve years. She was a faithful wife, a devoted mother, a consecrated Christian. She was a gifted woman; the light and joy, of her home; a sympathetic and efficient coworker in the Mission so dear to her husband and herself. She had a peculiar charm of voice and speech and manner.

She had a loving, unselfish nature. Her work is finished, beautifully finished; her memory is precious to those who knew her; her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also praiseth her. May her prayers for her people be abundantly fulfilled!

W. C. P. Rhoades.

Brooklyn, July 9, 1908

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