The Tabernacle in the Wilderness


Charles E. Fuller

Copyright © 1955

by Fleming H. Revell Company

edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

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Dedicated to the radio friends

Whose prayers and offerings

Through the years

Have made it possible for us

To minister

To so many in far-away, lonely places

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IN THE EARLIEST DAYS OF MR. FULLER'S PREPARATION for the ministry, it was his burning desire and constant prayer that he might be able to reach with the Gospel the people in the neglected places, the lonely ones who had no chance to go to church - no opportunities to attend Bible conferences and no one to point them to the Lamb of GOD Who taketh away the sins of the world.

How marvelously GOD answered that prayer, above all that my husband could ask or think, for there were no radio programs in 1920! Very soon after they came on the scene, he became deeply impressed with the possibilities of using this new medium for sending far and wide the good news of salvation.

Then one night, in a berth on a train speeding from Philadelphia to Chicago, a burden of prayer came down on my husband, and GOD clearly revealed to him that he should undertake a Gospel program by radio. Feeling entirely inadequate, he shrank away from the task, but GOD continued to lay the burden on his heart. [ 7 ]

Very soon after returning to California, he took steps to buy time on one small station in Santa Ana. That was in 1925, and it marked the beginning which led eventually to the world coverage of the greatly loved Old-Fashioned Revival Hour. How gracious GOD has been to grant Dr. Fuller thirty continuous years of preaching the Gospel by radio!

As we look back over those blessed years of growth, we see a rugged, uphill path, with many obstacles in the way which, in our own strength, would have been insurmountable. But the light of GOD's goodness, mercy, and faithfulness has shown over every step of the way! Satan's opposition has been very real over the years, for isn't he the prince of the power of the air? And hasn't the Gospel been going out through His realm? Ah yes, Satan is powerful, and he did his best to hinder and block at every turn. But GOD is all-powerful, and He certainly helped us times without number, encouraging and comforting His own.

Even during the depression years there was steady growth in the number of stations, because of the faithfulness of Christians who were willing to sacrifice where there was often so little to give, in order to extend the radio coverage and reach more listening ears. GOD bless those faithful radio friends and supporters! [ 8 ]

Eternity alone will reveal the great number of souls who will be in glory forever because, as they sat by their radios, the HOLY SPIRIT showed them their need of salvation. People in the loneliest places have heard of GOD's great love for them; homesteaders out on the desert or up in the lonely canyons; trappers, and people snowbound in far-away cabins. The bed-ridden have had months and years of suffering lightened by the sermons from the Word of GOD. We have had letters from people in lighthouses where for weeks they could not get ashore, but through the winds and lashing rain have heard the lovely voices singing, "What a Friend We Have in JESUS," "No, Never Alone," and many other grand old Gospel hymns.

Our service men have listened through two wars, having a touch of home though far away, and many have written that the Hour has also kept them in touch with GOD and helped them resist temptations. One service man wrote that he and two others were trekking through a jungle, they stopped to rest and there, turning on a small radio, caught a long-familiar voice and heard Dr. Fuller praying for "GOD's blessing on our boys in the service, wherever they are." He wrote, "The tears sure flowed that day." Men in prison cells listen regularly; the lepers listen and ask us to keep our music cheery; we have heard from a brothel, from a young girl who grew up in a Christian home; and in many cocktail lounges the program is tuned in every Sunday! [ 9 ]

Though the Old-Fashioned Revival Hour reaches Britain from eleven to twelve midnight over Radio Luxembourg, yet there is a tremendous and most appreciative listening audience there, and we receive letters telling of blessing and conversions among all classes of persons. One letter from a man in Wales particularly impressed us: "In our valley, where the miners work so hard, we see on Thursday nights lights in the windows of many houses, where they wait up late in the windows of many houses, where they wait up late to hear of Him Who is the Light of the World." A trapper wrote, "Anyone passing would wonder to hear such organ music and such singing coming out of my shack!" An old lady living alone wrote: "You come with your lovely singers and the organ and piano music right into my poor little room every week, and it is like the music of the angels." I could tell you of many, many more who listen on other continents and under greatly differing circumstances.

We have had many requests for copies of these sermons on "The Tabernacle in the Wilderness." Now, here they are in this book which we have tried to keep as nearly similar as possible to Mr. Fuller's style of speaking. They are sent out with a prayer that they may be of even greater blessing than when given over the radio.

Grace Payton Fuller
San Marino, California [ 10 ]

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