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Printed @ August 1945

With a Foreword by

Lieutenant-General Sir William Dobbs (G.C.M.G.. K.C.B.. D.S.O.)

Pickering & Inglis Ltd.
29 Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.4
229 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2
59 Cross Street, Manchester, 2
5 Hope Way, Liverpool, 8
56 Grainger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
29 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, I
Home Evangel, 418 Church Street, Toronto, 2


edited for 3BMB by Baptist Bible Believer

~ out-of-print and in the public domain ~

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I AM glad to commend this book, which I have read with much pleasure and profit. It is good to have brought before us tangible proofs that the title of the book describes an actual fact to-day. Many of us have in our own experience proved the reality of that truth. We know what His touch has meant to us. In our case it had lost none of its ancient power. It has actually transformed us, delivered us, and by grace, has made us children of GOD through faith in JESUS CHRIST, and joint-heirs with CHRIST to all the untold wealth of Heaven. A touch which can produce such results in us can produce the same results in others, and the experience of that touch in our own case must always be the primary weapon in our armoury, as we seek to win others for CHRIST.

But this book does not only encourage the worker for GOD, it also reminds him of some truths which may easily be forgotten, and without which his work must be fruitless. For instance, in Chapter Five we are reminded that though GOD must do the work, yet He uses human instruments, and unless these instruments are fit for the Master’s use, He cannot produce the results He desires. Our responsibility is plain. We must ensure that there is nothing in us which hinders the operation of the SPIRIT of GOD. It is the condition of Christians, rather than the state of the world which hinders revival. We, who name the name of CHRIST, are the first who need to humble ourselves before GOD, and put away all things which prevent His using us. When this is done, and not until then, great things can happen.

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