Clifford Lewis

Evangelist, Youth Leader, World Traveler, and Author of Japan Needs Jesus;
212 Victory Poems; Thrills of Christian Youth; Youth on the March;
Will Revival Come Before Christ Comes?


Foreword by Mrs. William A. (Billy) Sunday

Copyright @ 1941


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“IF I HAD HEARD that message twenty years ago, I am sure that I would not have made the awful mistake that I made, and my broken heart and home could have been prevented,” said a sad-faced woman as she met me in the aisle of a church after a service for women and girls only.

Another mother said, “Those words of warning should be in print. I am so thankful that my daughters heard you this afternoon. Every woman and girl in America and other lands needs the message that you have just given.”

After hearing such encouraging remarks for several years in all sections of America, Canada and abroad, I felt definitely led to write out the messages from only a few notes. I am happy that the testimony of this book will reach into many places where I can never go personally.

Let me express my appreciation to those who are indicating their desire to help spread these messages throughout the country. Orders are constantly coming in even before the book is printed. Some are ordering several copies to use as gifts for various occasions. How I wish that there was some way to get a copy of this book into every home in America, and that a large number could be sent to other countries. Will you pass your book around so that your relatives, friends and neighbors may read it? (BBB NOTE: Thank God for the internet!)


Every word of every sentence has been bathed in earnest prayer. Every copy will be sent forth with a prayer behind it. We are praying that as a result of reading its pages, the unsaved may be pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ; the defeated, backslidden Christians may return to fellowship and constant victory; and that the saints of God may be fired with a new zeal to be soul-winners.

We are also praying that the frivolous may heed the words of warning, the discouraged may be comforted, the lonely ones may be cheered, and that thousands of homes will be made happier and more harmonious because of the establishment, or re-establishment, of family altars. By faith we are claiming victory for many hearts and homes, and we are thanking our Father in advance for what He is going to do.

Mrs. Lewis and I are constantly traveling up and down the land trying to get the gospel to as many people as possible. We need, and will be deeply grateful for, your daily prayers. If there is any service that we can render you at any time, please feel free to write us. We are always glad to receive the prayer requests and testimonies of those who read our books.

Clifford Lewis
Kansas City Bible College




ENCOURAGEMENT and the knowledge of the true way out for our youth is needed as never before in our blessed land. I thank God and take courage that scores and even hundreds, such as Clifford Lewis represents, are espousing the cause of Christianity and are determined to try and win our young folks. Knowing it to be the only really worthwhile program for the world today, I am glad they are concentrating on and appealing to the youth of our nation. More power to you, Clifford!

We need words of warning and sign posts to find our way out of the dense fog that surrounds us, and I pray and trust that this book, GOD’S IDEAL WOMAN, will be read, and that the light will break in on the lives and hearts of tens of thousands who will find our Lord as their Savior. Then they will go out and testify and become witnesses to the saving and keeping power of Jesus, our Lord.

Mrs. W. A. (Billy) Sunday

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