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01. Mabel - Her Father and Mother - Arthur Manly - Dr. Stanly - Series of meetings - Mabel and Arthur Baptized - Mabel's proposed visit to Thornton15.98
02. Journey to Thornton - Mabel's Aunt Norinda Fields, sister to Mabel's mother, and her two children, Ethel (married) and Herbert32.61
03. A dying happy Christian - Doing hard things for CHRIST's sake - Great mental struggle - Mabel joins the Baptists-Resolves to vindicate her course22.05
04. Gossip - Arthur perplexed and jealous - Decides to visit Thornton - Consults his mother and is comforted18.34
05. Mabel returns home - Cool reception - Sharp rebuke - Dr. Stanly coming to reclaim her14.27
06. Campbellite church not the church of CHRIST - Too young - Baptist churches have existed through all ages since CHRIST25.44
07. Design of Baptism - Campbellite theory "Born of water" - Campbellites teach none are saved without immersion - Scriptural subject for baptism29.14
08. Condition or state of the Penitent Believer - Forgiven - Saved40.56
09. Believer has eternal life - Not condemned -Baptism not a part of faith - Justified34.33
10. Believer has the love of GOD in his heart - Is a child of GOD - Has a pure heart - Summing up - Sterling spectator comments on the discussion36.04
11. Design of Baptism - "Born of water" and "washing of regeneration" - Campbellism shuts door of Heaven against the unimmersed - Mr. Wilds converted25.50
12. Acts 2:3830.50
13. Acts 22:16 - I Peter 3:21 - Mark 16:1635.32
14. Arthur happy for two best reasons the world affords - He and his mother rejoice together - They plan for the future11.93
15. Saved in all ages of the world in the same way, i.e., by faith in CHRIST - Function of Jewish sacrifices - Teaching of the prophets28.42
16. Campbellite Baptism unscriptural - Its faith objectionable - Its subject and design unscriptural - Its administrator faulty26.80
17. The Communion question discussed in its various phases29.10
18. Prayer - The Christian's duty to pray for the sinner15.66
19. Depravity - Total means all - The whole nature depraved and alienated from GOD26.34
20. Falling from Grace - Final Perseverance33.48
21. Baptist meeting in Sterling - Many Converts - Sixty baptized - Colloquy at baptism - Baptist church organized - A happy home19.93

PREFACEYears ago Bro. W. W. Gardiner said to me: "I would rather trust your interpretation of some portions of Scripture than that of Mr. Broadus." In astonishment I inquired, "Why?" "Because," he replied, "you have been forced to know some things that Mr. Broadus never had to know."

If there is any portion of Scripture, the true import of which I have been forced to learn, it is that portion upon which the Disciples depend to prove the close and inseparable connection between baptism and salvation.

I am aware that in many places Campbellism is not what it once was. It has loosened its grip upon some things that were foundation stones upon which the denomination was built. There has been in many parts a gradual abandonment of the chief vagaries of Mr. Campbell and his contemporaries and a return toward Bible ground. But in the language of a distinguished writer and preacher, "Campbellism is blood raw in many places." Besides the principal error combated has been more or less advocated through the ages, and doubtless will be for ages to come.

For such reasons I send out the book, hoping that error will be hindered and truth helped by its publication.

I have received valuable aid from various sources. I desire to acknowledge especially indebtedness to my friend and brother F. L. Dupont, for valuable suggestions.

J. M. S.


It is a joy to me to write a brief introduction for this book, which has meant so much to thousands since the first and original edition was printed.

It is doubtful if any book printed on American soil has influenced more people for GOD and the Truth of His Word, as held by Baptists, than has this book. It is an antidote for all the pernicious heresies of those who believe in salvation by works, salvation by water, salvation by grace and works, falling from grace and open communion. Particularly it is a Campbellite killer.

When it was first presented to the reading public in 1908, it was acclaimed as a very timely piece of religious literature. Today it is even more timely, in view of Campbellism's attempt, in spreading their heresies by way of radio and the printed page.

It has been a joy to carry this slightly abbreviated and condensed edition of Mabel Clement serially in THE BAPTIST EXAMINER for the past several months. Many have been the favorable responses that we have had concerning it, and now as we send it forth in book form, we pray GOD's richest blessings upon its ministry.

Editor The Baptist Examiner

February 3, 1956

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