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Paul Hutchens

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One of the outstanding privileges of my radio ministry has been the presentation of Paul Hutchens to our New England-wide listening audience.

Two times each day, for six consecutive days, members of the "Wings of the Morning" family and of "New England Fellowship" circle were inspired and uplifted by these graphic word pictures sent forth through Boston's WORL and WHDH microphones, respectively.

With a keen insight into the Bible facts and with his characteristic grasp of life situations, Mr. Hutchens comes to grips with fundamental issues as he lifts Bible characters from their contexts and causes them to walk across the platform of twentieth century scrutiny. The result is dramatic and convicting.

It is a pleasure to commend this volume of radio messages to broadcasters, ministers, students, and seekers of the Word. I trust that through this publication many souls shall be won to CHRIST, built up for CHRIST, and sent forth to work for CHRIST.

John A. Huffman, M.A., S.T.B.
Minister, Cornerstone Church of Cambridge, Mass.
Director, "Wings of the Morning," Boston, Mass."Las Alas del Alba," Havana, Cuba.
Assistant Dean, Winona Lake School of Theology.


In these brief word-pictures of Bible characters, I have, in imagination, projected myself into the minds of the men and women whose lives and thoughts I endeavor to portray. We have been very careful to adhere to true Christian doctrine, while making these characters come alive to the listeners.

Naturally, no one knows the exact thoughts of those who lived and acted in the greatest of all living dramas - those of the Bible.

Our radio ministry, now augmenting our writing ministry, has placed us behind the microphones of the following stations, over which most of these character sketches have been presented: WORL and WHDH of Boston, WMBI of Chicago, WIP of Philadelphia, and WOWO of Fort Wayne. A number of addresses, including "How a Jewish Waiter Led a Black Man to JESUS CHRIST," were presented by transcription over HCJB, Quito, Ecuador, South America.

"Story of a Squirrel" and "A Footrace with Death" are stories taken from life, illustrating great Biblical truths. May the Interpreter of truth, the Blessed Holy Spirit, reveal our adorable Lord JESUS CHRIST more clearly to us all as we read and listen together.

When God Says 'No' draws aside the curtain, revealing one of the most sacred events of my life.

Paul Hutchens

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