An Exposition




Arno C. Gaebelein


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A. C. Gaebelein

edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

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Judaism and Christianity; Legalism and Grace; the Kingdom and the Church; these are in contrast, at poles apart, and defy all attempts at reconciliation. Ishmael - "the wild-ass man" - untamed and untamable, the son of the bond woman, is unalterably opposed to Isaac - "laughter" - spontaneous and obedient, the son of the free woman.


These distinctions, known and observed, are of incalculable worth in Bible Study.


In The Book of the Acts there is revealed the passing of Judaism, and the incoming of Christianity: wherein we see how the old wine-skins of legalism are without strength to restrain the expansive spirit of the new wine of grace. This Book of the Acts, showing as it does the transition of Judaism to Christianity, is, therefore, of absorbing interest; and Mr. Gaebelein, whose oral teaching is so abundantly owned and blessed of GOD, has, in this volume of interpretative study, extended the sphere of his ministry to multitudes that may never come within range of the hearing of his voice.


The author's breadth of conception of GOD's plan of the Ages stamps the book with a peculiar value; while, at the same time, there is of the spiritual application of truth a thorough and clear perception that pervades and illumines the exposition of the text.


From the study of this book, so untrammeled by the yoke of traditional interpretation, so far removed from the feverish discontent with the supernatural, so different from the cold and critical analysis of the casuist, so reverent. and so unalterably loyal to the plenary inspiration of the Scripture, one rises in spirit refreshed, in faith strengthened and to new endeavor encouraged. It is a pleasure and a privilege to commend this book.


Ford C. Ottman

Stamford. Conn.

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