"The Weeping Prophet"




H. A. Ironside

Original Copyright Date © 1906


Loizeaux Brothers Publishers

1 East 13th Street       New York


edited for 3BSB by Baptist Bible Believer in the spirit of the Colportage Ministry of a century ago

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After the lapse of some twenty-two years this book is to be reissued, and my publishers have asked me to go over it carefully and make all corrections desired, ere plating it. This I have done. Slight changes have been made here and there, not more than a dozen in all, and a few sentences added for greater clearness. It is matter of surprise on my part and of real gratitude to GOD that I see nothing to alter so far as the teaching is concerned. The principles of interpretation I accepted years ago seem clearer to me now than ever. The great outlines of the teaching of the book have only become confirmed in my mind with the passing of the years. I hold, through grace, to-day, what I held when I began these "Notes" nearly thirty years ago. I am more than ever persuaded of their dispensational correctness, and I send the book forth again, in full confidence that it sets forth the truth of GOD.


H. A. Ironside

September, 1928




The book now before the reader consists not so much of a commentary upon the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations, as of a series of meditative studies, which have been jotted down at intervals in a busy life during a period of nearly five years. This accounts in great measure for the fragmentary character of much that is here presented.


It is hoped, however, that, unfinished as the book may appear from either an expository or a literary standpoint, it may be found helpful in exercising the consciences of the Lord's people and in quickening their spiritual affections, as well as in opening up a portion of Scripture which to many is almost like an unexplored region.


Students generally find difficulty in a careful survey of these books because of the arrangement of the chapters, so utterly regardless of chronological order. To help such, an attempt has been made to present the different prophecies and historical incidents in their true relationship, at the end of the book. It is impossible to speak authoritatively concerning every particular portion, and the thoughtful reader may even be able to improve upon the order there given.


The great prophetic chapters (30, 31, 50 and 51) have been treated more fully than others because of the many existing misconceptions as to GOD's past, present and future dealings with Israel and Judah (to which the first two chapters designated relate), and, to our mind, the baseless speculations in regard to the rebuilding of literal Babylon, which are, we believe, fully met in the latter two chapters.


The book is not written for the critical scholar, but it is put forth in the hope that it may be suited ministry for the sheep and lambs of the flock of CHRIST.


The author desires to acknowledge help received from Mr. J.N. Darby's outlines of Jeremiah and Lamentations in his excellent "Synopsis of the Books of the Bible;" as also from the brief paper on Jeremiah by Mr. J. B. Stoney in his "Discipline in the School of GOD."


May the Master of Assemblies be pleased to make these pages a help to open up a part of His unerring Word for genuine profit to numbers of His people.


- H. A. Ironside


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