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Wight, Fred - Highlights of Archaeology in Bible Lands - © 1955


Griffith-Thomas, W. H.-How We Got Our Bible And Why We Believe that It is GOD's Word-© 1926

Hamilton, Gavin-TheBible: AMiracleBook-© 1940

Scroggie, Graham-Is the Bible the Word of God?-© 1922

Zoller, John-Wonder of the Word-© none


Wight, Fred-Manners and Customs of Bible Lands-© 1954


Bowen, Barbara-Strange Scriptures that Perplex the Western Mind-© 1944

Talbot, Louis T.-God's Plan for the Ages: A Comprehensive View of God's Great Plan-© 1936

Torrey, Reuben A.-How to Study the Bible for Greatest Profit-© 1903


Bonar, Horatius-Night of Weeping: Why GOD's Children Suffer-© 1845


Cross, Joseph-Life and Portraiture of Christmas Evans-© 1846

Fitt, Arthur Percy - MOODY STILL LIVES: Word Pictures of D. L. Moody - © 1936

Jones, Sam P.-Life and Sayings of Sam Jones-© 1907

Nicholson, Martha-His Banner Over Me: The Story of Her Life of pain and faith-© 1953

Sankey, Ira-My Life: Ira Sankey's Story of His Own Life-© 1907


Benson, Clarence H.-Christian Teacher-© 1950

Morningstar, Mildred-Reaching Children-© 1944


Tulga, Chester-Doctrine of the Church In These Times-© 1954


Durbanville, Henry-Winsome Christianity-© 1952

Evans, William-Shepherd's Psalm-© 1921

Gibbs, Alfred-Dreamer and His Wonderful Dream: The Story of John Bunyan and The Pilgrim's Progress-© 1935

Havergal, Frances Ridley-Kept for the Master's Use-© 1895

Jones Jr., Bob-As the Small Rain-© 1945

Jones Jr., Bob-Showers Upon the Grass-© 1951

Hutchens, Paul-When God Says 'No'-© 1943

Kik, J. Marcellus-Voices From Heaven and Hell-© 1955

Rees, Thomas-His Touch Has Still Its Ancient Power-© 1945


Boyd, Robert-First Words to Young Christians: How to Make a Success of the Christian Life-© 1860

Ironside, Harry-Sailing With Paul: Simple Papers for Young Christians-© 1953

Ironside, Harry-Great Words of the Gospel-© 1944

Marsh, F. E.-Fully Furnished or The Christian Worker's Equipment-the Whole Scope of Service for the Master-© 1924

Wakefield, Bill-Christian Doctrines for New Church Members-© 1963


Evans, William-Great Doctrines of the Bible-© 1912

Grounds, Vernon C.-The Reason for Our Hope-© 1945

Harrison, Norman - His Indwelling Presence: Intimate Studies in the Things of the Spirit - © 1928

Pardington, George-Outline Studies in Christian Doctrine-© 1926

Scarborough, Lee Rutland-After the Resurrection—What?-© 1942


Hewlett, H. C.-Companion of the Way-© 1962


Sankey, Ira-Stories of Gospel Hymns-© 1907


Alderman, Pastor Max-Strategy of Preaching-© none

Ironside, Harry-Illustrations of Bible Truth-© 1945

Leavell, Roland Q.-Prophetic Preaching: Then and Now-© 1963

Pattison, T. Harwood-Making of the Sermon for the Classroom and the Study-© 1898


Bickersteth, Edward H.-Rock of Ages: Scripture Testimony to the One Eternal Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Ghost-© 1871

Caylor, John - THE GREAT "I AM'S" OF JESUS - © 1957

Cummins, Robert-Gethsemane-© 1944

Krummacher, F. W.-Suffering Saviour: Meditations on the Last Days of CHRIST-© 1947

Lawrence, John W.-Six Trials of CHRIST-© none

Marsh, F. E.-Greatest Theme in the World: CHRIST's Atonement-1908-© 1908

Meyer, F. B.-Exalted CHRIST: Our Sanctification with Him in His Exaltation-© none

Morgan, G. Campbell-Teaching of CHRIST-© 1913

Pearlman, Myer-Life and Teaching of JESUS CHRIST-© 1930

Pettingill, William-CHRIST in the Psalms by William L. Pettingill-© 1937

Sawyer, Braxton-Virgin Birth of Our Lord JESUS CHRIST-© 1956

Stalker, James-Life of JESUS CHRIST-© 1909

Zwemer, Samuel-Glory of the Cross-© 1938


Brooks, Keith L.-The Jews and the Passion for Palestine-© 1938

Carter, W. N. - The Shames of Christendom - © 1930

Corbin, Bruce-Tabernacle in the Wilderness: Concerning Sin and Death and the Divinely Provided Way of Salvation-© 1951

Cohn, Joseph H.-I Have Loved Jacob-© 1948

Cohn, Leopold - A Modern Missionary to an Ancient People - © 1911

Fuchs, Daniel-How to Reach the Jew for Christ: A Manual-© 1943

Fuller, Charles-Tabernacle in the Wilderness-© 1955

Gartenhaus, Jacob-The Influence of Jews Upon Civilization-© 1943

Gartenhaus, Jacob-Winning Jews to Christ: A Handbook to Aid Christians in Their Approach to the Jews-© 1963

Reich, Max I.-Messianic Hope of Israel: Studies in Messianic Prophecy-© 1940

Webber, Dr. E. F.-What The Christian Owes the Jew by-© 1950

Wilkinson, John-Israel My Glory, or Israel's Mission and Missions to Israel-© 1894


Bueltmann, A. J.-White Queen of the Cannibals: The Story of Mary Slessor of Calabar-© none

Cook, Harold-Introduction to the Study of Christian Missions-© 1954

Canfield, Carolyn L.-See the Glory-© 1951

Goforth, Rosalind-Climbing: Memories of A Missionaries Wife-© 1945

Kleeberger, Jessie-David Livingstone-Missionary Explorer of Africa-© 1925

Percy, Douglas-Doctor to Africa: The Life of A. P. Stirrett of the Sudan-© 1948

Pierson, Arthur T.-GOD And Missions Today-© 1954

Zwemer, Samuel-Into All the World: The Great Commission: A Vindication and an Interpretation-© 1943-


Meyer, F. B.-Paul, A Servant of JESUS CHRIST-© 1897

Stalker, James-Life of Saint Paul-© 1912


Krummacher, F. W.-ELIJAH THE TISHBITE-© 1880

MacDuff, J. R.-Elijah, The Prophet of Fire-© 1864

McAllister, Grace E-God Portrays Women-© 1956

McAllister, Grace E-God Portrays More Women-© 1956

Meyer, F. B.-David: Shepherd, Psalmist, King-© none

Meyer, F. B.-Elijah and the Secret of his Power-© none

Meyer, F. B.-Samuel the Prophet-© none

Meyer, F. B.-Joshua: and the Land of Promise-© 1893

Meyer, F. B.-Israel: A Prince With GOD: The Story of Jacob Retold-© none

Meyer, F. B.-MOSES: The Servant of GOD-© none

Moody, D. L.-Bible Characters-© 1900

Riley, W. B.-Wives of the Bible: A Cross-Section of Femininity-© 1938

Smith, Noel-Nimrod: The Rebellious Panther-© 1954

Zwemer, Samuel-Sons of Adam: Studies of Old Testament Characters in New Testament Light-© 1951


Authors, Various-Demon Experiences In Many Lands-© 1960

Zwemer, Samuel - Heirs of the Prophets: An Account of Islam - ©

Vila, Manuel-I Found the Ancient Way-© 1958

Dreyer, F. C. H. - Roman Catholicism in the light of Scripture - © 1960

Pentecost, J. Dwight - Romanism in the Light of Scriptures - © 1962

Durgin, Tom - Tongues: A Biblical Perspective - © none

Dencher, Ted - Watchtower heresy versus the Bible, The - © 1961

Padrosa, Luis - Why I Became a Protestant - © 1953


Alderman, Pastor Max-Strategy of Preaching: A Handy Guide-© none

Turnbull, Ralph-Minister's Obstacles-© 1954


Alderman, Pastor Max-Christian Stewardship-© none

Broughton, Len G. - Up From Sin: The Fall and Rise of a Prodigal - © 1900

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-He That Is Spiritual-© 1918


Gibbs, Alfred-Worship: The Christian's Highest Occupation-© 1950

Havner, Vance-Blood, Bread and Fire: The Christian's Threefold Experience-© 1939

Lawrence, John W.-Christian Home In An Unchristian World-© none

Lewis, Clifford-God's Ideal Woman-© 1941

Logsdon, S. Franklin-Crucified to Live-© 1948

Logsdon, S. Franklin-Lest Ye Faint-© 1949

Logsdon, S. Franklin-Victory Life in Psalm 119-©

Lundquist, Harold-Dynamic Christian Living-© 1943

Murray, Andrew-School of Obedience-© 1898

Paxson, Ruth-Called Unto Holiness-© 1930

Paxson, Ruth-Rivers of Living Waters: Studies Setting Forth the Believer's Possessions in Christ-© 1930

Pentecost, Dorothy-Pursuit of Peace-1962-© 1962

Pierson, Arthur T.-Vital Union With Christ, or Shall We Continue in Sin?-© 1961

Smith, Wilbur M.-Word of God and the Life of Holiness-© 1957

Trumbull, Charles G.-Victory In Christ: Messages on the Victorious Life-© 1923

Vander Velde, Frances-Christian Home and Family Living-© 1959

Williams, Norman-How to Have A Family Altar-© 1951

Williams, Norman-The Christian Home-© 1952


Alderman, Pastor Max-Balancing Out Your Prayer Life-© 2010

Goforth, Rosalind-How I Know That GOD Answers Prayers: The Personal Testimony of One Lifetime-© 1921

Harrison, Norman-His In A Life of Prayer-© 1927

Haskins, Dorothy-Practical Primer on Prayer-© 1951

Harrison, Norman, HIS IN A LIFE OF PRAYER


Authors, Various - The Second Coming of Christ - © 1896

Alderman, Pastor Max-THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA-© 2005

Authors, Various-Prophetic Word in Crisis Days-© 1961

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-Kingdom in History and Prophecy-© 1915

Dahlin, John E.-Prophetic Truth for Today: Unveiling the End Time Events (8/30/09)-© 1961

Epp, Theodore-Brief Outline of Things to Come: A Compilation-© 1952

Epp, Theodore-CHRIST Speaks to the Churches: Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation 1-3-© 1960

Ironside, Harry-Lamp of Prophecy or Signs of the Times-© 1940

MacIntosh, C. H.-Papers on the Lord's Coming-© 1907

McCarrell, William-Overview of the Seven Churches of Asia-© 1936

Pettingill, William-GOD's Prophecies for Plain People-© 1923

Riley, W. B.-Is Christ Coming Again?-© 1930

Roberson, Lee-Some Golden Daybreak: 17 Sermons on the Second Coming of CHRIST-© 1957

Smith, Oswald J.-When the King Comes Back-© 1954

Watson, Sydney-In the Twinkling of an Eye-© 1921

Watson, Sydney-Mark of the Beast-© 1918


Chafer, Lewis Sperry-Salvation-© 1917

Guthrie, Thomas - THE GOSPEL IN EZEKIEL: Illustrated in a Series of Discourses on Chapter 36 - © 1862

Hutchens, Paul-Know-So Christian: ""I know whom I have believed""-© 1933

Ironside, Harry-Full Assurance-© 1937

Scofield, Cyrus I. - The New Life In Christ Jesus - © 1915

Van Gorder, John J. - ABC'S OF SALVATION - © 1946


Morris, Henry-Bible and Modern Science-© 1956


Appelman, Hyman - Come Unto Me - © 1945

Appelman, Hyman-Gospel of Salvation-© 1941

Appelman, Hyman-God's Answer to Man's Sin-© 1940

Appelman, Hyman-The Saviour's Invitation-© 1944

Appelman, Hyman-Ye Must Be Born Again and Other Sermons-© 1939

Appelman, Hyman-When the World is on Fire-© 1962

Ayer, William Ward - Seven Saved Sinners or How God Saves Men: A Study of God's Varieties of Religious Experience in Acts - © 1937

Hedstrom, Bernhard C.-Pay-Day . . . Some Day-© 1938

Biederwolf, William-Evangelistic Messages-© 1952

Boyd, Robert-GLAD TIDINGS, or Believe And Live-© 1860

Dixon, A. C.-Through Night to Morning-© none

Hankins, Joe Henry-Triumph of the Cross-© 1951

Hankins, Joe Henry-Old-Time Religion: 12 Fervent, Soul-Winning Sermons-© 1947

Havner, Vance-Road to Revival-© 1940

Jones, Sam P.-Gospel Sermons-© 1898

Jones, Sam P.-Good News-© 1886

Ironside, Harry-Charge That to My Account and Other Gospel Messages-© 1931

Ironside, Harry-Except Ye Repent-© 1937

Lee, Robert G.-Yielded Bodies: A Series of Messages on the Human Body-© 1954

Martinez, Angel-Crying the the Chapel-© 1961

Meyer, F. B.-Back to Bethel: Separation from Sin, and Fellowship with God-© 1901

Moody, D. L.-The Way to God-© 1900

Moody, D. L.-Finding God-© 1900

Moody, D. L.-Moody's Latest Sermons: Authorized Edition Printed from Verbatim Reports-© 1900

Moody, D. L.-Heaven: Where it is, its inhabitants, and how to get there-© 1900

Riley, W. B.-Lost or Saved?: Stirring Evangelistic Sermons-© 1938

Savage, Chester M. - THE POWER OF CHRIST: Sermons by Texas Baptist Pastors - © 1938

Torrey, Reuben A.-Revival Addresses-© 1900

Truett, George W.-Quest For Souls: Sermons Preached and Prayers Offered in a Series of Gospel Meetings-© 1917-


Chafer, Lewis Sperry-Grace-© 1922

Chafer, Lewis Sperry-True Evangelism: Or Winning Souls by Prayer-© 1919

Haskin, Dorothy-Soul Winning: The Christian's Business-© 1959

Haskin, Dorothy C.-Stars for Sylvia-© 1953

Hoyt, Herman-New Birth, The-© 1961

Moyer, R. L.-John Three Sixteen-© 1938

Riley, W. B.-Seven New Testament Soul Winners-© 1939

Sanders, J. O.-Divine Art of Soul Winning-© 1937

Strombeck, J. F.-So Great Salvation-© 1940

Malone, Tom-Essentials of Evangelism-© 1958


Wilson, Walter M. D.-Sure Remedy As Prescribed by the Doctor: Gospel Messages for Troubled Hearts-© 1938

Wilson, Walter M. D.-Dr. Wilson's Stories of Soul-Winning-© 1959

Wilson, Walter M. D.-Miracles in A Doctor's Life-© 1935

Wilson, Walter M. D.-Remarkable New Stories Told by the Doctor-© 1940

Wilson, Walter M. D.-Romance of the Doctor's Visits-© 1935

Wilson, Walter M. D. - Strange Experiences of the Doctor - © 1937


Bailey, Alma-Step By Step Through The Bible With Children-© 1937

Fisher, Hattie-Aunt Hattie's Bible Stories for Children-© 1941

Fisher, Harriet I.-The Story of Moses for Young People-© 1951

Fisher, Harriet I.-The Story of Daniel for Boys and Girls-© 1936

Fisher, Harriet I.-The Story of Peter and the Story of Ruth-© 1952


Dolman, Dirk K.-Simple Talks on the Tabernacle-© 1954

Habershon, Ada-Study of the Types-© 1900

Talbot, Louis T.-Christ in the Tabernacle: An Earthly Sanctuary With a Heavenly Meaning-© 1942

Talbot, Louis T.-Feasts Of The Lord: Leviticus 23:1-44 Foreshadowing God's Plan of the Ages-© 1943

Wight, Fred-Devotional Studies of Old Testament Types-© 1956

Wilson, Walter M. D.-Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types-© 1957


Bailey, Faith Coxe-These, Too, Were Unshackled: 15 Dramatic Stories From the Pacific Garden Mission-© 1962

Henry, Carl F. H.-Pacific Garden Mission: A Doorway to Heaven-© 1942

Martin, J. M.-Little Baptist-The Conversion of Mellie-© 1848

O'Dell, Jack-Not the Righteous: Adapted From Pacific Garden Mission's Radio Series, "Unshackled"-© 1955

Pacific Garden Mission-Unshackled: Stories of Transformed Lives Adapted from "Unshackled" Radio Broadcasts-© 1953

Sallee, J. M.-Mabel Clement: A Young Lady Contends For the Faith-© none





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